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Let's talk Smudge

Hi my people!

I often talk about smudging to clean and clear the air, but what does that really mean? Well, have you ever walked into a space where the air felt dense? The roof seemed low? The room maybe felt chilly? Or perhaps something just felt off? Have you moved into a new-to-you home and can't seem to settle? This is energy! And, it's likely negative. There are several different modalities that can be used to clear that energy. My favorite and the one I use the most is burning sage. The aromatic smoke released into the air breaks up the stagnant energy leaving the room or space to feel lighter, happier and more peaceful. It's powerful, and it smells so lovely. I sometimes will add things into the mix just to change it up. Products found in nature such as cloves and sap. Other modalities I use to smudge include; burning Palo Santo, holy wood found in the Amazon. Smudge spray- a glorious potion of essential oils, and Singing Bowls.

The true effectiveness of smudging comes from prayer. A prayer to me; is a wish. It's an intention for goodness. It comes from the heart. And, it is this intention to clear that space along with the power of prayer that allows for a more pure, higher vibration of love and light to fill it up. Below is the prayer I use. You though, can say whatever resonates with you. Believe the negative energy surrenders to you and your space and believe it to be filled with only positivity and only love.

After sitting with my emotions and surrendering to the feelings of any particular situation, I will smudge. I am a strong believer in letting yourself feel the feels. Be sad! Be mad! Be angry! Sink in to the hurt, the betrayal, the mistrust. All of it!! But then, SMUDGE! Get it off of you and out of your space. Pick yourself up and keep on keeping on. It's not easy friends, but, it is possible. You've likely done it before and guaranteed you'll keep doing it. Because, well, we're made to do so. A wise woman (@drjodycarrington) says; "we're wired for it". As humans we are built to do hard things. Although perhaps at the time, it may seem impossible. It may feel as though you'll never get through it. This here is a tool. This is a little something to help clear that yucky feeling. Something to help you muster up the courage to take that one more step and to face the day. See(!!!), that there is the trick- it's just for today. Focus on today. Live in the now. It's easier to face the now than to imagine what may be in the hours, days and weeks to come.

Keep it up my peeps, today is gonna be a good day.

In love and light;



"Negativity that invades my sacred place,

I banish you away with the light of my grace.

You have no hold or power here, for I stand and face you with no fear.

Be gone forever for this I'll say;

This is my sacred place and you will obey."

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