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Promise Rings For Couples: rules, traditions and history of the symbol of love

The engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. It's a gift which is highly anticipated and cherished! Are you sure you are aware of the history behind it? Find out the history behind the tradition of the engagement ring with rules, stories and a little proper manners!

It is interesting for both the person who receives the ring and for the person who gave it to know more about it: rules, traditions, and a history that will help you to comprehend the significance of this jewel that will take you to an endless love affair and will be the one you wear next to your wedding ring. Before you begin thinking about the day in which you will exchange the fateful vows to marry you should take a few moments to learn about the mysteries about this important piece of jewellery that is often handed out by saying memorable words of love.

What does the Couple Jewelry Sets mean? What is the story of the engagement ring?

Since the Middle Ages, giving and accepting an engagement ring was a way of establishing a bond and the couple was committed to setting the date to make their vows. The tradition of secret wedding rings was born. The rings were cut into pieces, and then joined to form an engagement ring. In the same period, the so-called poetry rings that were engraved with romantic words or poetic verses, also came into vogue as a means of committing to the union.

The diamond engagement ring was first introduced in the Victorian period. Before then, these rings were made of plain metal. Legend tells us that Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented his beloved Mary of Burgundy the ring of gold with a diamond embedded in it, and from that point the type of jewelry became the official symbol of engagement.

And nowadays?

De Beers, a leader in the diamond industry started a huge campaign in 1938 to promote the engagement ring. The huge's ads, which featured Hollywood singers, actresses and actors even suggested the amount to spend on an engagement ring. A month's salary was suggested, but later was increased to two months' pay. It was in 1948 that copywriter Frances Gerety created the famous slogan for De Beers "A diamond is eternal" that contributed to the spread of the diamond engagement ring throughout the world, even in places that were not known like Japan.

Inspiring suggestions from etiquette

Etiquette suggests choosing jewelry that is a reflection of the persona and preferences of the person who will be wearing it. If the bride is planning a simple wedding, she may not appreciate a lavish object. In this instance it is possible to use family jewels utilized. They are able to be modernized or redesigned to enhance the sentimental value of the item. The ring's delivery according to etiquette marks the beginning of an entire sequence of events and traditions: the person giving the ring must also present a bouquet of flowers delivered to the bride's parents and the bride's parents should return the bouquet with a gift of equal worth. These are traditions that have been lost however, good manners and common sense are still valued.

Engagement ring: when to give it

The customary wedding ring you've always wanted be presented one year prior to the wedding date. However, the times have changed. There is no definitive rules. It doesn't mean that you should not give an engagement ring before a marriage proposal. This tradition has become more romantic and less rigid, even in terms of timing. Do it only when you're certain and perhaps give it on the day you've chosen for yourself and not forgetting that planning the wedding can take several months. You will choose the wedding date after the diamond is put on the ring finger of your partner.

Where should the engagement ring be set?

The guidelines differ depending on the country of the country of. In Brazil, for example the spouses wear a ring with a right hand, which will be moved to the left the day of the ceremony. The ring is to be worn on the finger that is ring, regardless of whether you wear it on your left or right hand. In ancient times it was believed that the vein of the ring finger connected directly to the heart. In Italy the engagement ring can be moved to the the right hand before the wedding, allowing the wedding ring to be worn on the left. In any event it is customary to wear, after marriage, both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

You can take a deep breath and take the first decision after you've been educated about the history, rules, customs and traditions of this precious jewel. Don't stress about the jewelry. We are certain that the goldsmiths will be pleased to show you the wide range of engagement rings that are unique, and give you the best advice for making your spouse completely speechless.


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