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Well look at YOU!

Welcome to the game 2021, We've been waiting on ya!! 👊

It was 11:46pm on NYE when the last of my littles finally passed out. Although they didn't make it to midnight to see the official start of the new year- I promised them it was coming and I swore it was going to be amazing!

So TODAY!!! Well, let me tell you about today.

The kids slept in. I sat in my easy chair with a hot cup of coffee and sucked her back dry! The house was clean, and quiet. And, just as I was about to get up and grab myself a refill, my husband brought me over a fresh cup accompanied with a plate of perfectly crisped bacon, and eggs. .....No!! Oh my gawd- NO. I don't even know how to make that shit up, do "easy chairs" even exist? 🤣

The day started like any other. I was awoken by one that had to pee (right on buddy, just GO!!). I came downstairs to find another frantically searching for an ipad charger because it was time for an online game with his friends and he had "already" missed their call. They whined fought and complained just like in 2020, Haha but you know what? Today just felt different and I was ready for it!

Last night, after they fell asleep I grabbed my smudge and did a really thorough house clearing. Goodness did it feel good. When I was done, I opened up the back door and saw the year out. I was surprised though at how I felt. Instead of dwelling on all the yuck of 2020, I found myself remembering the good stuff. Remembering the tiny things that made us belly laugh as a family. The kind of stuff that only happens in the ordinary. We had a lot of ordinary days here, but we created some pretty incredible memories outta them, and that left me in a fabulous state of gratitude. I then opened up the front door and welcomed in all things great! It's a New Year peeps. A brand new book! Today we crack open the cover! How refreshing!

So we set out to manifest an incredible year, right? Well for today, I want us to get very clear on what it is that we desire! More so, to pay attention to the feeling that comes with that desire. "It is good to feel good"! It's time to start believing we are worthy of all things awesome. To start, make a list of all the things you are grateful for. It can be anything and everything. From your family and good health to that hot cup of coffee you had 😉. When you've completed your list. Think about what it is you want from the universe this year. Dream big!

2021 thanks for showing up! Let's go!!!

In love and light



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